Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lists, Lists and Again I say Lists2

Here are some things I've done since Hallowe'en;

Planted up the south facing long border with remontant irises;

Harvested far too many beans than might be expected after my early summer diatribes about fecking rabbits;

Dug and stored the last of the maincrop potatoes, more about this and the beans, later;

Cleaned out the freezer and found some sun dried tomatoes I made during a very gluttish hot summer in 2005. These are just great, eaten barely defrosted with some olives and a glass of cold chardonnay. An edible memory;

Drove 2hr30m to Addenbrookes, found ward C9, stayed for one hour laughing and gossiping and taking photographs, chasing away the gloom, then got back in car and drove all the way back;

Stopped off at Cambridge Waitrose and bought merci beaucoup enfant deux a very large tray of sushi to eat on the way home. If I win the Lotto I shall only shop at Waitrose, check out their website and you'll understand why..

Clapped my way though Prize Day as both beloved first-born and merci beaucoup enfant deux were carried shoulder high from the room;

Went out for a very fine pint of Spitfire at a Derbyshire pub I must have passed hundreds of times on the school run and not once been in in seven years;

Started drinking lemon and ginger tea again... oh dear winter's on its way.