Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bakewell Farmers' Market, Last Saturday of the Month

Up early and off to Bakewell farmers market. We parked on the roadside and walked the half mile or so to the Agricultural Business Centre, shivering a bit against the cold and excitement! Meat and produce inside, hot food stalls outside, (oh how I love street food; you can tell everything about a country by its food, and especially by its street food. I fell in love to a backdrop of Palestinian food...) We're here this morning for sausages. Lots of sausages. I have in mind plates piled high with fluffy mashed potato, topped with two or three meaty bangers, and pools of rich, bootleather brown onion gravy. We bought six packets, all different varieties and including the famous (well, famous in our part of Derbyshire), buffalo bangers and Welsh Dragon sausages. I'd seen a herd of buffalo on the school run over the mountains one morning during the autumn, and thought at first I was hallucinating. And here we are, about to eat them.
And a large breast of lamb for 1.50£. I shall bone it out and stuff it with breadcrumbs and lots of onions sweated off in olive oil and probably too much salt, then mixed with winter herbs cut from the garden and roasted off until the copious, buttery lamb fat runs and crisps up the whole garlic heads, potatoes and root vegetables surrounding it.
Outside now, laden with bags we stopped at the stall selling ostrich burgers. Meaty and delicious, although the bread rolls were too cold but why complain when its a little above freezing out here! Then back home to cut a savoy cabbage squeaky fresh from the garden, boil some potatoes and get the sausages into the pan.

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