Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lunch With Girlfriends, and a Rather Surprising Gift

Lunch out with the girls today. 9.30am start. Well, we do have lots to talk about, and we wanted to get in a spot of shopping (specifically sweaters and drawers) beforehand. Lunch was really a two hour gossip session interspersed with "oh how lovely, thank you" as the waiters brought each course to us. After lunch, our reserves of gossip exhausted, we began the drive back, dropping each person off along the way until there was just me and the cymbidium orchid in the car. Exactly! Just how did I manage to end up with a cymbidium in the car? It's not even a politely-sized house plant either. It's in a massive 15" pot and already stands some 30" high.
Here is a picture taken from the M&S website. It shows a ridiculously small cymbidium orchid, and nowhere do I see any reference to the word "triffid..."
I'm not very clever with houseplants. Actually, I invariably kill them. Perhaps that's the thinking behind the "mature" specimen.

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