Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thank You Father Christmas

I cannot understand people who fail to issue their loved ones with a written Christmas list in early December. The advent of the internet made Christmas shopping infinitely simple. Compose said list in Word, add hyperlinks to the specific webpages that detail not only the object of your desire but also the correct size, colour, delivery details and payment options, and Bob's Your Uncle! A happy and fruitful Christmas. The right size, the appropriate colour, the right author, and the absolute joy of knowing there is no exchange or refund queue to join 48 hours later. Make your Christmas list with lots of choices, and the surprise comes in not getting everything (how boring is that?), but in wondering which of the lovely, gorgeous presents Santa brings!
Of course, some may say, "Oh how boring, knowing exactly what you are going to get!" Yeah right! As if women all over the world are just dying to receive a pile of presents that says loud and clear, "I couldn't be bothered to pay enough attention to you to determine what colours you actually like to wear, which authors you love to read, and most importantly of all, which variety of borlotti bean you want to grow next year." Internet-linked Christmas present lists, the mark of a grown-up and a grown-up relationship.
Here's part of the laundry list:

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