Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gale Force Winds and Treacherous Gardening Conditions

This morning opened with gale force winds across the country bringing trees down, fences taking to the air and appalling injuries. The accompanying heavy rains caused local flooding and crazily deep road floods making the school run over the mountains treacherous. Mind you, I drive a diesel, so I rather took the opportunity to give the underside and doors of the car a good old clean by heading through the road floods with enthusiasm... (enthusiasm not foolhardiness, and only on roads empty of other drivers and pedestrians... honest!)
A perfect day to sow brassica seeds in the glass house. I filled my favourite 6x9-plug seed trays three-quarters full with compost (peat-free of course), and then laid them out across the opened up inside of the compost bag, knelt down on the terracotta floor tiles and began to sow at eye level. The rain pounding down on the glass sheets scoured away the winter's grime, and as the skies cleared the sun came streaming through and lit the steam from my tea as it danced upwards. Silence, warmth, still air, seeds to sow, labels to write, dreams to ferment. The transmigration of dream into salad.
Here's the laundry list:
The Nicotiana joined the Mignonette strawberry seeds sown at the beginning of the year, in the heated propagation unit.

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