Thursday, February 08, 2007

On Snow, British Snow

There are countries in the world where six-months snow-bound is a reality (continental weather systems, e.g. North America... Geography O Level). Here, cars are routinely fitted with snow chains, snow ploughs are as common as moose and airports continue to operate in 15' snow drifts. Because 15' snow drifts are a sign of the spring thaw and that it must therefore be the Calgary Stampede next week...
And then there's Britain. For the whole of this week we have been warned of Arctic conditions disabling the country on Thursday; that we must not travel unless it is absolutely vital (so work, school, shopping's no longer vital, then?); and that if we do dare to venture out we must pack a shovel, flask of hot coffee, enough chocolate biscuits to drown in, and a 13.5tog duvet into the car before reversing off the drive. What arrived today across Britain? Two inches of snow.

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