Saturday, March 24, 2007

On Making The Leap Between One Career And Another

Thursday night dinner with friends. The usual catch-up of gossip and opinions, served up alongside uncomplicated food and tumblers rather than wine glasses. I rather like mid-week dinners, they seem to be so much more relaxed and enjoyable, probably because everyone around the table would usually be at home, eating beans on toast in the kitchen with their shoes off. So no-one dresses up, wine in tumblers, plain white china, tea lights on the table rather than candles and flowers, and everyone leaning back in their chairs chatting and idling. "And what does your husband do?" I asked one of the diners. "Well, he used to sell agricultural machinery, but that went belly-up during foot and mouth, so now he does something else. Actually I don't like to talk about his job." The table fell silent instantly. All eyes turned to her, encouragingly, and I said, "Oh go on, tell us. What does he do?" "Well," she said, "He's an arms dealer."
You wouldn't believe it if you read it in a book...

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