Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dawn Chorus in Early Morning Derbyshire

I've been waking up in time for the dawn chorus every day this week. Something's troubling me, that's for sure. This morning I awoke just before four and slipped out of bed to make a cup of tea. Hopped back to bed and waited a couple of minutes for my tea to cool from scalding to barely drinkable, and that's when the dawn chorus started. At exactly 4.01am. It began suddenly with one bird, then others joined in, until the air seemed to be filled with their song. I lay in the half light, warm and snug as a bug, and just listened to the whole performance. It finished at 4.50am; the birds just stopped singing. But I could hear their song continuing further down the valley, then it stopped too. Time to curl up and make some zeds.

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