Friday, June 08, 2007

The End Of Exams

The exams are over.
The exams are over. How good that feels to write. For beloved firstborn, his last exam marked the close of a successful first year at uni; for merci beaucoup enfant deux, her last exam on Thursday marked the midpoint in her sixth form studies, and almost the end of her Lower Sixth year - she returns with her fellow students for the remainder of the school curriculum in July. They are worked liked slaves at this school, thank goodness.
The exams are over. I can relax, exhale and slump into a worn-out heap of maternal concern; no longer setting both alarm clock and mobile in case one or other fails; booking time to drive her up to school just in case the school bus fails to turn up, or breaks down en route; enforcing sustained revision and early nights; reducing the house to a state of calm and quiet, ordered efficiency; ensuring a well stocked fridge and absolutely no charred pizzas....
And are beloved firstborn and merci beaucoup enfant deux celebrating at home with their mum? Nah, they're at Donnington for the Download weekend with hordes of their friends.

I have the house and garden all to myself, and with the added bonus of absolutely no blasted taxi duties. Heavenly. And this afternoon I finally tied in the very old vine onto wires across the south-facing wall, bought and sunk some oxygenating plants into the pond, bought a fat luscious sirloin that even as we speak is marinating in the larder in olive oil and garlic and garden herbs, made a granary loaf for breakfast toast and honey tomorrow, cut and arranged some beautiful Constance Spry roses for the bedroom, and finally showered and changed into my favourite skirt, and opened a bottle of heavenly white, before sitting down here to write and celebrate a wonderful life. And no exam stress, vicariously
oops too late, Gardener's World is just starting..........

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