Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Love My Head Gardener

My head gardener sent me the following email this morning;

That south facing border looks bloody shameful. If you didn't spend so much time standing about drinking tea it would look great now.
I love her. I want to be her in a future life. Remember the deep manuring episode in the spring? I asked her if we really needed to dig in all the compost. Couldn't we just make a deep layer and let the worms pull the compost down into the soil. Fag in hand she turned to me and said matter-of-factly, "No, that's bullshit."
I love her. I want to be her in a future life.


Mr. Anthrope said...

She sounds like the kind of person you need to keep you (sorry about this) rooted. Thanks for the link to the Banderas track. It's very rare I forget a record I've enjoyed, but this had completely slipped my mind. Are they still going? Did they have any other hits? Were they partners?


Amalee Issa said...

LOL I see you've got me nailed to a tee. And I'm so glad I've finally met someone who liked this track. I googled Banderas a while back, and I think they split up. But this song just transports me right back to Radio 1 and the heady, reckless, 70-hr working weeks of my youth. Ahh, heady days.


Steve said...

If I left a partially completed comment earlier, please delete it-- my cat Zephyr, jumped on the keyboard and had his way with the computer while I was composing a comment.

Your writing is precise and wonderfully descriptive. It took no effort on my part to conjure up the scene you so ably describe. Wonderful stuff. (I also enjoyed peeking into your underwear drawer.)

I fear I have become a bit like your head gardener in my 55 years, plain-spoken and to-the-point. If I live to be 75 or 85 like some of my friends, I think I will be intolerable.

I have enjoyed some of the links you provide also. The superbly composed photo of the flower sprig in the perfume bottle at 'the ruby crowned kinglet' is a masterpiece, in my opinion. Mr. Anthrope's interesting blog mentioned "sunshine on Leith" and, since that is my last name, I bookmarked his blog to come back to and read more of his thoughts.

I found your site while looking for gardening blogs and was surprised to see my picture of pink roses in the snow. What a wonderful thing for you to do. To see my picture with that beautiful poetry was very nice-- thank you for that.


Amalee Issa said...

Blimey! You're Steve, of steveandbecky photo fame? Your photos are truly stunning... and thank goodness I acknowledged your website. lol. Gld you like my blog.


April said...

Wow. You're so famous, Amalee! Aren't you glad you enabled comments?

I like you in this life.