Friday, July 27, 2007

"It's hard to do this stuff with only one hand."

Don't you just love the world wide web?
And did you know that Richard Curtis not only wrote, co-wrote or directed Bridget Jones's Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually, (incidentally, one of my favourite films of all time, right up there with Mrs Miniver,) but also the Vicar of Dibley. And of course you know that the starring role in The Vicar is Dawn French; best friend of Joanna Lumley, gifted, gifted actress and star of Absolutely Fabulous, (and secretly whom my best friend and I tussle with each other, to be).
And sometimes I think that the greatest gift the Creator gives to us mere mortals, its the gift of humour. And comic timing. Because without comic timing, humour is reduced to nothing more important that a shopping list. I know this, because I don't have comic timing, and can kill a joke stone dead. Joanna Lumley has shed loads of comic timing. See her in this clip at the bottom of the page, "Patsy's feeling ... peckish?"
...... And that's as far as I got last night, or rather at 1.30hrs this morning, when I fell asleep at my desk. I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this post, or how I was going to bring April into it. But I'd clearly got rolling! But starting work at 5am Thursday morning cutting out, clearing and relaying a gravel path onto the original Victorian clinker path, took its toll, and I fell asleep. How sad is that. I only woke up when my phone alarm went off to tell me Local Hero was starting on Channel4. So like a fool I lifted my head off the keys, and went across the hall to watch the film. You know that horrible bleary look you get when you've been up travelling halfway around the world for two days without sleep? When your eyes are open but there's no-one home? That's what I looked like when I fell asleep 15 minutes into the film.

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April said...

Wow. I'm included in a post about Dawn French. If I could be any kind of vicar in the world, it would be the kind found in Dibley -- loving and kind and hysterical in all senses of the word and with such great perspective and so, so clever. One of my favorite of all lines ever is found in VicDib season 1 episode 1 when she says about being a girl vicar, "I'm holy in more than one way."

Also-- gotta agree about Love Actually and the rest of Richard Curtisdom. He's amazing. I was first introduced to him in 1988 when we first started getting Blackadder episodes on our Public Television Station. My sister and I taped every one and memorized the lines. I had a crush on Hugh Laurie long before he became Dr. House.

Oh, but I don't agree that Harry never loved Karen. It's more than that, right?

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