Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rice Or Pasta?

I personally could live the rest of my four score years and ten without ever permitting either of the above to pass my lips. Now potatoes, that's another matter. Old, New and Indifferent; I love them all. Mashed, creamed, boiled, fried, roast, whipped and even beaten into submission; I love potatoes every way they are offered to me. I'm digging my first potatoes this week, and my greedy little brain is obsessing.
I suppose gnocchi is potato, but really it's pasta. And I know you can buy rice that's really pasta, because I've bought bags of the stuff at Cora in the past, and brought it home to throw into minestone at the last minute. And so I find myself tossed on the horns of a furious dilemma. If someone wants to eat rice on a daily basis, but can't be bothered with all the rinsing and boiling, what do they do? Is there such a commodity as frozen ready cooked rice, microwaveable and in both white and brown varieties? Can you buy bags of non-frozen, longlife rice that you store in your pantry until you're ready to eat it? I keep packets of longlife ready cooked Chinese noodles in the pantry ready for merci beaucoup enfant deux's spur of the moment stir frys; is there a rice equivalent?
Colonials, this is your moment to shine. What is available on the north American markets? Extra points for pictures included in your replies. The winner gets to join me and April and Jan in the back of Kevin Costner's jet en route to Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man's ranch. No really...


Steve said...

At first, I thought you were kidding but I have come to realize that the British, although very wealthy, are a quaint folk. (I learned that from a British 'Country Life' magazine I read in a waiting room.)

We don't cook a whole lot anymore and we have learned to fix dinner in about 5 minutes (not counting popping the cork). This is what we have been buying lately for rice.

The packets store in the pantry and cook in the microwave in 90 seconds. I like the brown and wild rice best-- robust and hearty.


Jan said...

Wheee! What fun to go along with you and April with Kevin!

About rice--I really don't like it. When I cook it, I use light brown rice that takes 20 minutes to cook. So little advice on your part--hope that doesn't mean I'll lose my spot on the jet!

And thanks for visiting me and posting about HP!

April said...

Yes, well, I think that perhaps I'll leave you and Kevin to the back of the jet. I'm sure he has a great selection of in-flight movies to view.

Are you referring this question to the colonials because we have notoriously bad nutritional standards? Or were you hoping your Indian readers would chime in? Because we do have microwaveable rice. Oh yes, we do. I've not tried it, but I have a friend who swears by it. My guess is that our other colonial friends will have a much better suggestion.

April said...

Amalee... In your honor, I tried this stuff today. Let me just say -- ick, ick, ick! I thought both the chicken and the brown/wild rice varieties were heinous. I'd need a heck of a lot of Steve's wine to use this stuff very often.

Amalee Issa said...

Now this is the sort of thing that earns people blog medals. April, you win, so we can all get together in the back of Kevin's plane en route to PW&MM's ranch! Kevin of course, is up front flying the thing! lol