Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friday Five: Preview

Today was one of the loveliest days this summer, because it involved all the things that make me really happy and content with my lot. Actually, that's not strictly true; most of the things that make me really happy, happened today. So, nit-picking over, here are some of the things that happened today;
I woke up early;
The patron saint of car-parking spaces blessed me yet again;
We all had breakfast in a greasy spoon in Nottingham, that I found through the Phantom's blog;
We bought squillions of books at Waterstone's;
We came home before lunch so had the whole day ahead of us.
And standing about in Waterstone's I found this. Flicking through this slim volume, I remembered that I love Seamus Heaney's poetry more than I love Kevin Costner's characters, but less than I love Pablo Neruda's Sonnets. Friday Five to follow.


Jan said...

I'm glad you had such a nice day!

tongue in cheek said...

The patron saint of parking places

Love that
and believe in him!