Monday, August 06, 2007

The Purpose Of Negotiation Is To Hold The Point Of Conflict

Here is a conversation between Merci Beaucoup Enfant Deux and I this evening.

m.b.e.d. Are you going shopping mum?
mum. No, I'm watching the news.
m.b.e.d. When you've finished watching the news, are you going shopping?
mum. I could do. What do you want?
m.b.e.d. I'd like some bread.
mum. There's some in the pantry.
m.b.e.d. Is it white bread?
mum. Yes.
m.b.e.d. Is it sliced?
mum. Yes.
m.b.e.d. Did you make it?
mum. No.
m.b.e.d. Ok I'll have some for supper.

Ungrateful wretch.


Anonymous said...

The best section for me is : did you make it? No? so , i'll have some . i really laghed , i just imagined your expressions about this . oh my , this really makes me laugh , so cheeky

pleases : ( this is for you not for publicationn )

Amalee Issa said...

Oops too late! published!

April said...

Ungrateful wretch, indeed. Do you ever launch into an account of labor and delivery of your children? I think I might be so inspired.

Jan said...

So funny and typical! Thanks.

Amalee Issa said...

LOL I know, these two "children" lead the life of Riley! And yes, I remind them both of the night they were born and then beloved firstborn ALWAYS interrupts to add, "but of course she was left on our doorstep by the gypsies, wasn't she mum?" which immediately prompts a barrage from said sister... lol