Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Five: How I Know I Lead The Life Of Riley

1. Beloved Firstborn was robbed in the street this morning - nasty level of violence included being stamped on the head and removed to hospital via ambulance, where the consultant (thank God it occurred during office hours, when consultants actually bother to turn out to work...) confirmed no fractured skull, no perforated eardrum, no dental damage, no broken nose, and no blood clots just waiting to kill 12 hours later.

2. Merci Beaucoup Enfant Deux dropped the house phone down the lavatory this afternoon. That this happened exactly one week after she dropped her mobile down the lavatory whilst out with the girls, is slightly remarkable. What is utterly remarkable, is hearing her clattering about in the bathroom this evening and asking her if she had a phone in there with her... and she had the audacity to laugh and reply, "Is that an offer, mum?"

3. That I have WD40 in the garage, although it won't revive the house phone any more than it revived a mobile last week. What is she doing with phones in the bathroom?

4. I'm sitting at my pc with a glass of French bubbly (is there really any other sort?) and a slice of Christmas cake made for me by my dearest client.

5. NCIS is about to start on Channel 5. Sigh....


Jan said...

Wishing you peace. . . .

April said...

Oh my goodness, so glad to hear about no. 1!

And so glad (though differently so) to hear that no. 2 has inherited Mum's humor!

And so jealous about French bubbly. And Christmas cake.