Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alstroemeria In Easter Flowers

Yes, I knew that your hands were
a budding sprout, a lily of silver:
you had something to do with the soil,
with the flowering of the earth,
but when I saw you digging, digging,
pushing pebbles apart and guiding roots
I knew at once, my farming woman,
that not only your hands
but your heart were of earth,
that there you were making your things,
touching moist doorways through which the seeds circulate.

So in this way from one plant
to the other recently planted one,
with your face spotted with a kiss from the clay,
you went and came back flowering,
you went and from your hand
the stem of the alstroemeria raised its solitary elegance,
the jasmine adorned the
mist on your brow with stars of dew and fragrance.

Everything grew from you
penetrating into the earth and becoming green light,
foliage and power you communicated your seeds to it,
my beloved,
red gardening woman:
your hand on familiar terms with the earth
and the bright growing was instantaneous.
Love, thus also your hand of water,
your heart of earth,
gave fertility and strength to my songs
you touch my chest while I sleep
and trees blossom from my dreaming.
I wake up, open my eyes,
and you have inside me stars in the shadows
which will rise and shine in my song.

That's how it is, gardening woman:
our love is earthly:
your mouth is a plant of light,
a corolla,
my heart works among the roots.

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April said...

Beautiful. Happy second week of Easter, Amalee.