Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh Dear

I like the sound of Fiona, and there is no way on God's earth she's a Virgo, given all that rammel she's packed in at hers and Danny's place. Although Virgos do tend to horde things "just in case," so maybe she is one after all. Her latest post about those obnoxious money-grubbing clients got me thinking about my clients. I accept horticultural commissions by word of mouth only. Invariably one of my clients will ring me up and say, "I've just recommended you to a friend of mine. I did warn her that you won't take on a garden you don't like."

This serves a dual purpose. It gives me an immediate get out if I take an instant dislike to the garden or its owners. Once I rejected a garden after its owners told me they liked to holiday in Dubai. Any garden with slate chippings is rejected, but only after I rather slyly and unpleasantly enquire if, "that part of your garden has become the neighbourhood litter tray?" And any garden with spiky plants is rejected as a matter of course, as are owners who don't line dry their laundry or talk of "greening the desert."

Additionally, when my clients recommend me, they are playing with their friends that most subtle of British games, oneupmanship. The message is clear: Amalee liked my garden, but she mightn't like yours. Really, global brands spend fortunes cultivating that kind of marketplace mentality.
Looks like it's Gay Porn Day over at Pioneer Woman's site...