Saturday, September 27, 2008

Where Are You, Gastropunk n Maths Chick?

I have a stack of photos of our family holiday to the US of A, to upload here. I want to share my utter delight and joy with my witty and urbane readers. We encountered some really weird and wonderful people, we saw some incredible sights and ate the sort of food you only believe exists in a world that doesn't include Jamie Oliver, Delia, Jane Grigson (ok, I know this is a shortcut that means I don't have to mention Elizabeth David or the Pilsbury Dough Boy's buttermilk biscuits), Monty Don and my horticultural guru, Helen Yemm. We saw desert planting that made me want to relocate immediately to the Holy Land and the desert. We beat the casino at Vegas. We watched the sun rise over the Grand Canyon.
I want to tell you about this morning's farmers' market at Bakewell, that tomorrow morning Merci Beaucoup Enfant Deux leaves home for uni and that tomorrow night I will have an empty nest for the first time in over two decades.
But I feel it is more important to post this vital question? Where are you, Gastropunk n Maths Chick?

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