Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Five: Riding The Las Vegas Deuce Bus

1. Buy an all-day ticket for 5$. You can jump on and off as many times as you want during a 24-hour period, handy when it's just too hot to walk. Ride all the way to the terminus and back, it's a great way to navigate the Strip.

2. Get on and get upstairs. Usually there are more seats, and the air-con is more efficient. The views are spectacular especially if you can work your way up to the bus seats at the front.

3. Queueing. Don't be fooled by German tourists. They claim through shrugs and sign language not to understand English but still manage to find their way to the head of the queue. Shout at them and get back in front of them.

4. Do not attempt to board the bus between Circus Circus and Caesar's Palace. You will queue for at least an hour and only a handful in the queue will get on each time the buses arrive.

5. If women in maid's uniforms are near you in the queue, pull them beside you when the bus arrives and ask them to get on ahead of you. They've cleaned your room and served your meals and they are knackered. They deserve your place in the queue. This is especially rewarding if there are German tourists immediately behind you.

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