Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Lists Made In The Library During Wet Afternoons In Early Autumn

17th century Persians prized tulips, irises, hyacinths and roses in their gardens. List of plants Vita Sackville-West brought home to Long Barn in 1926;
Iris persica
Iris stylosa - her beloved iris
Anemone fulgers - scarlet
Gladiolus segetum - pink
Tulipa sylvestris - little nodding golden tulips
Tulipa polychroma - yellow & white
Tulipa ostrowkiana - flame orange
Iris susiana - white with dark veins
Iris tuberosa - the widow iris
Crown Imperials
Persian yellow roses
Rosa foetida persiana
Isfahan / Ispahan - pink damask
La RĂ©ve* - Rosa lutea derived
Star of Persia* - " "
Tulipa aucheriana - most splendid of all, "like an old and rich brocade," the yellow-splashed rich rose pink tulip
* always treasured in her gardens subsequently

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April said...

I'm really enjoying autumn, but this almost...almost...makes me yearn for spring. Almost.