Thursday, January 29, 2009

It Was Chinese New Year On Monday, Phantom

Finally. Three months of silence, in the middle of which Fiona lands me with a furious dilemma. Of course, April is really to blame for all this. Yes, April, you are to blame. If I hadn't started enabling comments, at your suggestion, I probably wouldn't have had Fiona awarding me a very lovely blog award last year. I haven't ignored it, Fiona. Quite the opposite, actually. Who the hell do I pass it on to?

I enjoy all the blogs I read, and all of them are invariably written by creative, vibrant, colourful individuals, even that strange, odd little blog that makes me laugh in a most unpleasant fashion at celebrities' misfortunes. There is however, one blog that really created a change in the way I live, and that's Phantom's blog. Well, not really his blog, really it's one of the blogs on his blog roll --> Eggs, bacon, chips and beans. Because until I checked out Phantom's blog roll, and found Russell Davies' great blog, I wouldn't have dreamed of entering a greasy spoon, certainly not actually eat in one. And now, whenever I'm in Nottingham early enough for brekkie, I call into the The Cosy Teapot, 101 Carrington Street, Nottingham, for a plate of eggs, bacon, chips and beans. The Cosy Teapot; the only place in the world where I have eaten chips for breakfast. Now that's creative blogging.


Steve said...

An Award? Me. Omigoodness.
Oh golly... Gather, Gather..

Um. Thank You Amalee. I really am honoured to have had such an influence on your life.

Obviously I must give plenty of credit to Russell Davies too!

Now I really do need to get posting.

Thanks Again Amalee.

April said...

Oh, sure, blame it on me...

That's ok. I love your blog recommendation. I'll confess, I probably don't understand half of it, but I love it.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Blogging can lead us everywhere. LOL