Sunday, April 05, 2009

Smoked Bacon

Look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition.
I bought several packs of smoked bacon from the farmers' market at Bakewell last month, no doubt inspired by Fiona and Danny's home smokey bacon adventures. I can't be bothered to hang things up a chimney, as greed, laziness and impatience govern my appetite like some triumvirate of gratification. But the home smoked bacon idea's been chewing away at the back of my mind and finally found an outlet last Saturday.
Each pack cost about £1.80, not bad for something that makes the fridge reek within minutes. I thought the smoke smell might mean the bacon would be too strong, as the packs appeared to contain the most smoked offcuts from the outer side of the bacon joints. No worries. When lightly fried off for inclusion into a suppertime omelette the bacon was sweet and crispy and delishy.
I really like the checkerboard pattern.

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Cottage Smallholder said...

Thanks so much for the link!

Come on you can easily cure your own bacon and smoke it in your chimney. If you do you can make bacon without so much salt (and probably saltpetre - commercial enterprises need to add far more salt than we do so as to guarantee that it lasts for many days and doesn't kill you). We have discovered that curing and smoking free range belly of pork is a dinger. It stays fresh far longer than ordinary belly of pork and tastes so much better.

Making your own free range streaky is cheap. £1.80 for six slices is expensive.