Sunday, August 09, 2009

Early Morning Musings

My day starts quietly, softly. Moving through the rooms, opening doors and drawing back the curtains, letting in the sunlight and opening wide the bedroom windows. Down the stairs, avoiding the middle of the second to bottom tread that always creaks gently; across the hall and into the kitchen. Kettle on, curtains drawn back and the doors opened wide to the garden. And my garden just after dawn greets me. The birds are up and calling, the pair of ring collared doves perched on the outhouses welcoming the day.

And the chill. I wish I could describe for you the chill in the air, and the dampness of the night's passing. Autumn's on its way. Quietness and stillness are what draws me out of bed and into the garden at this time. I could stand at the kitchen doors cup of tea in hand, for hours, thinking of you.

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April said...

Beautiful, Amalee.