Tuesday, March 09, 2010

RHS Harvested Seed

My free seeds have arrived. That they are free isn't really the draw; it's that they are harvested from the various RHS gardens. Legally. Like all gardeners I like to help the RHS gardeners by nipping off a fat to bursting seed head whenever the plant takes my fancy and is ready to pop. This is helpful as it saves all that weeding and transplanting, and because I don't use Felcos (and God knows we've all seen the grey wolves doing this...) I like to pretend I'm not nicking the seeds. I am, of course, so the annual arrival of my free seeds from the RHS is always an excitement.

The real joy of the manila envelope dropping through my front door is that each waxed paper package contains my own bit of the RHS gardens, especially my favourite, Harlow Carr. I like to meet up with fellow gardeners and indulge in swapsies, especially the stranger seeds that you wouldn't bother ordering because you aren't entirely sure you like spiky plants, or can't be bothered to wait for the seeds to germinate into trees, or simply that you feel you lack the time and expertise to devote to something that needs multiple seasons to overcome dormancy and make an appearance through the 6mm layer of coarse grit. I'll let you know how I get on this year.

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