Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Day, Not

I spent February and March on the train backwards and forwards to the big smoke. Getting out of bed before 5am, leaving soon after, getting the very early train, taking brekkie at the office at nine. Work, work, work, then the half five train back home, in after dark. Towards the end of March I began recognising people on the tube. How sad is that?
I fitted gardening into short, well-timed bursts of energy, usually on Saturday mornings. For the last fortnight I've been snivelling and panting with shortness of breath, not as I thought initially seasonal rhinitis, but a real head cold. I'm delighted. Virgos don't get ill because we are too organised to take the time off, and anyway, we exercise marvellous hand hygiene and wear gloves travelling by train or tube anywhere more exotic than the English Midlands. I've checked through all my favourite symptoms websites (how Virgo is that!) and can assure my charming, witty and urbane readers that I don't have kidney failure, dengue fever or syphilis.
A blogger I know (you know who you are), runs the risk of contacting syphilis as she is always on Facebook. Seriously, check it out here, this is not an April Fool's Day joke, just the latest half-cock reported public health findings from Teeside. Of course the alarmist headline, and the resultant standing joke about catching syphilis on Facebook, hides the real public health message - that you won't catch syphilis if you actually stay on Facebook, as you won't then be off meeting up with oddballs and indulging in the sort of "social life" best left to the more energetic residents of Doncaster.


April said...

WAS on facebook all the time. Now that I know various sordid nastiness comes from it, I'm off for good...

I think you should have a label that says something like "Announcements for the Public Good". You do us all such a service. :)

Amalee Issa said...

What an excellent idea. Check out my list of labels. It's there now.