Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five: Announcements For The Public Good

Finish early and belt up the M1 and arrive home in time for a late lunch. Then straight over to sunny Nottinghamshire to make some primary care appointments, then some secondary care appointments, then home. And three lines of washing dried including all merci beaucoup's drawers, jeans and Keds. Today feels like the first day of summer. And it's still only April! I've a full day of heavy action gardening tomorrow. Well, not really gardening, hard landscaping really. I'm planning to shift 7 cubic tonnes of the most revolting plum slate chippings - but the client loves it and I love my client, what can I do? Strangle her? No! Dance about to these groovy toons hairbrush mic in hand;

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April said...

Great songs, Amalee.