Friday, June 18, 2010

I Went To Cappadocia in 1984

"I went to Cappadocia in 1984 and lovely things happened. I was there by myself during Ramadan, and decided I would follow the Islamic practice and fast between sunrise and sundown every day. I wandered in and out of Rumi's tomb and other sacred places during the day, then at night I would go to a restaurant and break the fast, and I always ordered bottled water with dinner, but somehow I always got a crowd when I ordered it. The people from the kitchen would come out to hear me as I ordered it, and they'd want to her me order it again and again. It turned out that I was ordering with my meal was "The secret of the universe." I was saying siri, and I should have been saying su for bottled water."

Coleman Barks
Photos at Le Mont St Michel

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