Friday, July 16, 2010

Radio Caroline - 90.8 FM Rennes

If I'm sitting behind the wheel of my car, and it's Monday to Friday between the hours of 6.30am and 7pm, I have the radio on and Traffic Announcements activated. Some mornings, dependant on where I'm working that day, I'll pick up every local radio TA from Yorks to Oxford. Cracking! I love the way TAs dominate my driving day. I love hearing about old friends like the Catthorpe Interchange; delays from Hemel down to Watford; and as bloody usual, southbound delays at Nottingham. Sally Traffic is ofc, the Queen of Traffic Announcements. She often talks about Operation Stack. Find it here.

The Highways Agency is currently working with other EU transport authorities to research drivers' understanding of current and potential future pictograms. Using pictograms rather than text-based messages will mean overseas drivers should have a better understanding of VSM messages. The survey can be found here. But hurry, once 1,000 responses have been logged per language, the survey closes. Give it a go. It's really interesting!
I'm starting to feel a little homesick. Except that no TAs are tuned in here, and all I listen to in the car is It's where I first heard Katie Perry's California Gurls and Troy Olsen's Summer Thing. Catch up on YouTube. Summer happiness in sunny France.

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