Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lilium Stargazer

I've got the most fabulous new camera. It's taken me months to work out how to zoom. Eventually I gave it to Merci Beaucoup Enfant Deux with the instructions to, "Read, learn and inwardly digest" the instructions, then show me what to do. I'd had several mobiles before someone explained to me that they didn't come out of the box pre-programmed. "What, you mean you programme it with all my numbers before you give it to me?" was my startled discovery.
I am now taking the most delicious photos, but Merci Boo refuses to show me how to upload the digital programme from disc to pc. Ungrateful wretch. I've been zooming in on white lilies. My house is full with them, every vase used, every table covered, and at all points throughout the day the lilies look so lovely. Morning sunshine in the east facing rooms, afternoon sunshine in the dining room, and evening sunshine in the west facing study upstairs. The dining room looks especially lovely in the late afternoon, with the silver picture frames and trays glinting. Lilies smell beautiful, too, a real summer fragrance.
I stopped planting lilies into the garden three or four years ago when vine weevils really took hold in one part of the garden and destroyed all my bulbs. I had a beautiful river of Lilium "Stargazer" across one of the borders near to the drive, and each evening I'd arrive home to their heady fragrance. I'm hoping the drenching of nematodes did the trick, as I'm planning to replant this part of the garden later this autumn, for who can resist the charms of a field of lilies?

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