Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Being Dapper Happy

"My father dapper happy in a new dark suit
So glad she said yes."

Isn't that just wonderful?  Dapper happy.  This may become my phrase of 2011.  Its author, Anne Higgins, may be found here
After a bit of a lie-in on Saturday morning, I spent much of the weekend in the garden in the spanky warm sunshine.  I finally finished edging the path under the laundry flight path.  As part of this process I lifted the height of the pavers by about 6" and now enjoy an elevated view of both my laundry and the garden.  With sharp and crisp edges comes the desire to plant along the gravel boards with some flippy floppy edging.  That's a technical horticultural term, and I'm thinking something technically edible (even I draw the line at eating anything upon which I've trodden) with a powerful scent.  Thyme, I suppose, but I much prefer basil.  Whilst I imagine a flippy floppy edging of basil, here are some pictures.

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