Sunday, April 03, 2011

On Sowing Seeds And Dreaming Of The Year Ahead

March belted past in a blur of airports, motorways, security checks, meetings, tense negotiations, hard work and mental exhaustion.  Physically I'm in the best shape I've been for months and my liver's positively blushing with good health and sobriety.  Lent and a big contract does that.  Early yesterday morning I threw all my laundry on to wash then stepped out into my garden just before six to give it all a thorough inspection. 

Spring has sprung in my absence and all the Delft Blue hyacinths are through although I had to wait until the afternoon for them to warm up and release their scent.  The cowslips and oxlips are flooding across the borders like a perfectly happy sunshiny smiling tsunami.  The drupes are all blossomed up and the Muscari and early Narcissi are through.  All the Spring Green Purissima and Golden Apeldoorn tulips are through; the Red Apeldoorns are almost ready to open too.  The Iris are starting into strong growth and the Paeonia Karl Rosenfield is about a foot high already.  Even the garlic, still waiting patiently to be planted, is off to a flying start.  Spring has most definitely sprung.

And this afternoon, I was back in my garden with the sun at my back sowing seeds for the year ahead.  Here's the laundry list;

Giant Californian Asters, or Reine Maguerite as I bought them at Cora last autumn
Rose Trémiére Fiesta Time, ibid.
Rose Trémiére, violette, ibid.
Shedloads of climbing Borlotti Lingua di Fuoco, from Franchi
Climbing French beans Santa Anna, ibid.
Mais multicolore, or Indian corn, bought last autumn from SuperU
Far too many tomatoes including;
Roma - Italian variety, lovely little plum and huge cropper
Costoluto Fiorentino - huge misshapen beefsteak with great flavour and eye appeal
Marmande - another whopper beefsteak great for field growing

I've buckets more to seeds to sow, including all my odd bids of dried tomato seeds, far too many climbing beans, all the summer and autumn squashes and let's not forget the herbs and salads.  I love coming home.

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