Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday & Tulipa Golden Apeldoorn

I've come to realise over the years that time spent idling in my garden is not time wasted.  When I stand at the french windows in the kitchen, staring out into my garden, invariably with a cup of tea in hand, I am mindlessly absorbing horticultural details of great importance.  Early last winter I planted a drift of Golden Apeldoorn tulips into a frost-prone shady part of my kitchen garden.  I'd previously had a spreading patch of Solomon's Seal there, but had the sense at last to shift it under the hedge where it's now starting into flower.  That left me with an empty space and a large packet of yellow tulips to throw in somewhere...    

These tulips began pushing their way through the soil with their early spring companions, but it was not until they began to flower that the sheer genius of their positioning became clear.  I'd planted them in the spot that catches the first rays of sunshine mid-morning.  This little patch of buttery yellow deliciousness lights up each day, heralding another sunny day in the garden.

"Each morning he wakes me to hear,
To listen like a disciple."
Isaiah 50:4-7

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