Saturday, July 16, 2011

On The Graduation Of The Harry Potter Generation

It wasn't 300£ for the five books... it was nearly 300£ for ONE book.  I now have a greater appreciation of my daughter's growing manipulative skills where her mother's Shock And Awe tactics are likely to be deployed.

She graduated magnificently.  My little angel looked utterly, utterly fabulous; long, long legs; long, long hair; discrete but smart clothes underneath her Ede & Ravenscroft.  And I wasn't the only parent marvelling at their daughter's voice squealing with delight, "OMG it's like being at Hogwarts!"

"...At the college we were met by a wall of academic women: young ones and old ones and in-between ones, all gowned, some in their scarlet, and the gossip and chatter and disputation and anecdotes, and the smell and sight and sound of clever, focused, happy women which is the nearest we'll get to heaven on earth."
Michael Bywater 
The Independent on Sunday
28 March 1999;

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