Friday, June 01, 2012

On Lists Found Whilst Clearing Out

Everyone I know is in engaged in that Clearing Out transitional phase between spring and summer.  As a Virgo (are you listening, Fiona?) my Clearing Out phase never really begins or ends, it just goes a little comatose occasionally.  Merci Beaucoup Enfant Deux triggered renewed effort this week when she rang to check we still have the dinghies in the outhouse.  I've carted those damned things back from our house in France so many times I threatened last year to leave them over there.  "No, mum, you can't.  I got mine in a boite de cadeau! You can't possibly leave it over there.  I might need it."

Beggars belief, doesn't it?
In order to get to the paddles I'll have to move that IKEA racking that seemed such a brilliant solution for the outhouse crapstore. I fixed the racking into the outer screw hole (you know what I mean by this; you have that same IKEA racking system yourselves...) thinking I'd never need the extension shelves.  I need the extension shelves.  In my defence I hadn't imagined just how much crap my two would generate and then bring home from uni.  The text books, equipment, white coats, shot glasses, fancy dress costumes (at least I hope they're fancy dress costumes) I can understand.  But does any undergraduate really need 16" pizza plates

Carefully tucked away in an old biscuit tin I found some sheets of photocopier paper splattered with tomato seeds.  My charming, witty and erudite readers will know this is my patented foolproof method of storing tomato seeds.  I'd clearly run out of paper at some stage as I'd splattered some seeds across a list of that year's crops.  Here's the laundry list;

Toms - Gartenperle 2 (number of 6-plug trays)
Harbinger 7
Santa 6
Piccolo 6
Costo F 6
Roma 6
Chili - Purple Tiger 6
Tepin 2
Celeriac - Alabaster 12 (we really had a thing for celeriac that year)
Marrow - Long Glen Bush 1
Courgette - Tristar 1
Mixed Squash - 12 of each
Jack O Lantern
Sweet Dumpling
Turk's Turban
Melon - Passport 2
Livingstone Daisies - 16 trays
Beans - Black beans 4
Borlotti 6
Canadian Wonder 3

Productive little soldier, wasn't I!

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