Saturday, February 20, 2016

If This Is It...I'd Choose Right Now ... by Newton Faulkner

Remember this? -->

The whole summer built up to the 2012 Olympics, and finally Friday night arrived and we all settled in to watch the opening ceremony. Sound turned up to eleven, windows open against the heat, curtains drawn against the sunshine, everything on ice and everyone in their chosen seats...

... then James Bond leaps effortlessly up those red carpeted stairs, sidesteps the corgis at the top and we all thought, "Oh it's that woman who does the impersonations..." And then she turned round and we all screamed "OMG it's the Queen!"

And Daniel Craig reflected the zeitgeist when he paused, blinked ("Yes, I am in character with HMQE2 and she's playing along..."), then turned on his heel and carried on. Perfect, perfect Danny Boyle genius.

And yesterday I found this on YouTube --> all the best bits of the 2012 London Olympics.

Its the backing track music that makes it. Newton Faulkner's song If this Is It.
If I had one night where sunshine could break through
And show you everything,
I’d choose right now.
If this is it, all we have,
I know I’ve done all I can.
If this is it.
And we can't stop,
And start again,
We can't fast forward to the end.
This is it.

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