Saturday, July 22, 2006

How much is a teaspoon, anyway......

I love physics chat. No, I mean I really love this chat room, and God bless Yahoo for getting it up and running over half a decade ago. Some chums I made there are still alive and well and chatting, how cool is that? Some months ago my beloved first-born was struggling with a particularly nasty bit of homework. "Wait a min," I said, let me ask Spider. Flip onto the chat room, respectfully ask, "hello lovely roomies, may I ask a Q?" and two seconds later come back to said beloved first-born with the answer, straight from the horse's mouth. Or a research scientist at NASA.

A teaspoon is the spoon you more often than not use to stir the milk into your cup of tea or coffee. "A level teaspoon" is that teaspoon, heaped with something, usually baking powder or spices, then levelled flat with the back of a table knife. "A rounded teaspoon" is the same implement, but with the same amount of foodstuff in the bowl of the spoon as above the spoon's bowl. "A heaped teaspoon" is the amount of foodstuff you would routinely take from the food container, not levelled or measured, but mearely lifted from the container on the spoon.

In the absence of a teaspoon, it is any amount of foodstuff you can hold in the dip of your clenched fist between your curled up thumb and first finger. Make a clenched fist and hold it as if you are ready to punch the lights out of a right old gobshite. Think about it lovely readers, this works...

A tablespoon is any spoon that you place upon your dining table and use to spoon food to and from, in and onto, plates and platters. If you use a big spoon, then its a big spoon. If you use a smallish spoon, then its a smallish spoon. It is not a soup spoon, and never confuse the two. Nor is it a serving spoon.

There are a number of "baking spoon sets" (for want of a better description,) on the market. All are crap. Do not be deceived by such monstrosities. That they are offered in tin rather than plastic does not make them acceptable. Learn to trust and then rely on your family's spoons and measurements. This way happiness lies.