Friday, September 08, 2006

Fecking rabbits... and a Friday night lasagne

As predicted, very busy week. Mind you, the M1 was a relative breeze, and I finally swung into the drive feeling ready for the weekend. And what should be lying across my garden table, just waiting for me to come home? 6 rabbits. Their eyes bright, their fur fresh, their fat little tummies full with my vegetables. Yummy yummy, in my tummy.

Don't you just love having farming neighbours?

Skinned and gutted, I roasted off the carcasses on a bed of garden herbs, then stripped the meat. Splashed some olive oil into a pan, fried off a couple of shallots and some frozen garlic (see earlier posts!). As the heavenly scent began to fill the kitchen, I picked some very peculiarly shaped peppers from the glass house and washed and chopped them into the pan. Add half a dozen mixed tomatoes (more about them over the weekend), some salt and finely chopped herbs then let the whole lot cook off. Added the meat and simmered off to a thickish sauce, made a bog standard white sauce and assembled the lasagne. Threw in the oven for 90 minutes with a dish of dauphinois potatoes. Settled down to watch Gardener's World with a glass of chardonnay, and the world doesn't seem too bad after all.