Sunday, September 03, 2006

First weekend of Autumn

Tired. Not surprising, as it's a little after midnight on Sunday night.

Shooting Friday morning over in Nottinghamshire and brought home a Canada goose. Busy week ahead, so likely to forget about said goose hanging in outhouse, and decided to p&d on Saturday. Roasted as per thingy's instruction in his "Meat" cookbook. Picked last of sweet corn "Sundance"cobs, cabbage and several onions.

On Sunday morning woke with the rain on windows and made cup of tea, to drink in bed reading Frances Mayes. Flash of inspiration. I know, I shall make a wild boar ragu, but use minced goose in place of wild boar..

Garden windswept, apples falling everywhere, beans harvesting well, "Jubilee" sweet corn rather disappointing, winter squash looking rather good, finally got the crab apples organised for jelly, cut herbs for drying in the hotpress, cut Eglantine roses for bedside vase, relined blazer in scarlet silk (I know), and watched a bit of telly. Knackered. And the crab apple mash drips its soft pink juice into the basin in the pantry and I shall finish here and take Pablo to bed with me.