Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday Night Sleepover, Baghdad-Style

Another Friday night spent driving across rural Derbyshire, collecting various teenage girls en route to the house party. We are perhaps 2 miles away from the last pick-up and merci beaucoup enfant deux once again phones ahead to alert best friend Jody of the imminent arrival of the parental taxi service.
m.b.e.d: What do you mean you're not coming?
m.b.e.d: What do you mean you're not feeling well?
m.b.e.d: What's wrong with you?
m.b.e.d: Well none of us have those symptoms! I don't believe you.
m.b.e.d: We're coming to get you now.
m.b.e.d: We are two minutes away Jody, get ready!
m.b.e.d: We're pulling into your street now Jody!
m.b.e.d: OK we're outside your door now... OK let us in, that's us knocking!
Three teenage girls then open the door and let themselves in. Parental taxi service keeps the engine running as parked in wheel-clamping zone. Nothing happens for 5 minutes, then suddenly the front door opens and merci beaucoup enfant deux comes across the garden to the car with a cup of tea.
m.b.e.d: Mum, we're doing some jobs for Jody whilst she gets ready for the party, I'm making her little brother's tea, the others are cleaning up her room and finishing her physics homework, then we'll be out. Here's a cup of tea to keep you going...

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