Thursday, February 15, 2007

On Spending Afternoons During Half Term, Lolling About On The Sofa Watching Movies

Each afternoon this week, merci beaucoup enfant deux and I have settled down on the sofas, turned off all the lights, lit the fire and watched DVDs together. Yesterday it was "Pride and Prejudice," with Matthew Macfadyen ("I love, love, love you..."), playing Everywoman's version of the perfect man to fall in love with.
This afternoon it was "Oh Brother Where Art Thou," with George Clooney, Everywoman's version of another perfect man to fall in love with. There's this great scene in "Oh Brother," when the convicts are on the run and gradually become surrounded by, by, what? Escaped lunatics? White-uniformed medics? What? And this song fills the screen, Alison Krauss' haunting acapella rendition of "Down in the River to Pray".
I love the world wide web. And I love the British educational institution that is Half Term, the week/fortnight holiday mid-point in each of the three academic terms. The particular significance of this half term is that it marks roughly eighteen months before merci beaucoup enfant deux goes up to university. Long, long time away. But time will fly.

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