Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Springwatch 2007 - BBC Survey Into The Arrival of Spring

Springwatch is the biggest survey ever into the arrival of spring in the United Kingdom. It is run by the BBC in association with the Woodland Trust and the UK Phenology Network. In 2006, more than 100,000 records came in and we hope to top that in 2007. The records are supplied by people just like you and I. Why record spring? By collecting information about the first signs of spring, we can help build the most complete picture of the season as it unfolds across the UK. Scientists will have a better understanding of how spring is changing and what needs to be done to help wildlife thrive in the UK. People are asked to look out for six signs of spring and make a note of the date and the grid reference or postcode where they were first seen. People can record just one or all six signs;

First frog spawn
First seven-spot ladybird
First red-tailed bumblebee
First peacock butterfly
First hawthorn flowering
First swifts
Find out about the species and record your observations here.
I was planning to make this my blog entry for March 1, St David's Day. But on Monday 26 February 2007, frogs invaded my pond after breakfast, swarming forward into a seething mass of reproduction. Why all on the same day? How did they know when to arrive? Why after breakfast?

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