Monday, February 26, 2007

Cymbidium Orchids

Some photos of my beautiful Cymbidium orchids, a Christmas gift from intuitive girlfriends. The pot rests against the french windows in my kitchen, quite chilly at night, and due to the stone floor tiles, not much warmer during the daytime either. And they are thriving, on neglect. Occasionally I remember to water them, but haven't fed them since they arrived two months ago. In the meantime they have sprouted three flower spikes, each with multiple orchids. When the first flower spike appeared between Christmas and the New Year, I was so excited. Then little flower buds appeared, grew, and developed a mysterious-looking drop of dew (nectar?) at the pedicel where it joins the flower spike. And then gradually, over days, each flower opened to reveal its intricate beauty. And I grew them. Well, not exactly grew them, more accurately I failed to kill them. So there you have it. Cymbidium orchids, the ideal Christmas present for neglectful gardeners.

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