Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good Grief. This Blog's Open For Comments

There are some people who need a jolly good slapping. Now I shall have to get my act together and actually join the 21st century, otherwise known as learn how to manage comments on my blog. I thought, I know, I'll activate the comments facility when it's the last Saturday of the month, and then if any of my dedicated readership fancied leaving something witty, urbane and charming whilst I'm in Bakewell buying ostrich burgers, they can!
Then I thought, oh no, I'd have to reply to all the witty, urbane and charming comments as they are left, and who knows, I'd probably only reply to Kevin Costner's witty, urbane and utterly, utterly charming proposal of marriage, and then all my dedicated readership would say, hmm, that Amalee's a right old miserable trout; I've left her comments every last-Saturday-of-the-month and she's not bothered to acknowledge one of them! And my dedicated readership would all drift away to read other blogs that featured photographs that were properly focused.
Not that I'd be that bothered, as I'd be Mrs Kevin Costner and probably never get out of bed long enough to blog. So I think I'll activate the comments facility at the weekends, and click it off during the week, otherwise Kevin and I will get not an ounce of peace...
So here are five things, and my goodness I'd better get a comment from YOU madam!
Five Favorite Toys
2. The remote control
3. My new invisible ink pen
Five People I'm Tagging, but written in invisible ink...
psst. I've edited this down now that madam has read it and left her comment. And yes the floods have been sudden and dire, but as the Brits are talking of nothing else, we are a happy nation once more...

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April said...

Hurrah!!! Comments!! Now are you going to disable them right away?

I've been thinking about you and your flooding nation, especially as the news is dominated with terror threats, etc. You're the only British person I "know" so even though these threats aren't in proximity to you, I keep pondering your safety.

Thanks for playing, Amalee. Hee, hee... Comments!!