Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Are These Socks Paying Homage At The Foothills Of The Washing Machine?

...was my exasperated cry this morning whilst moving through the kitchen like a whirlwind. Merci beaucoup enfant deux only stopped laughing long enough to comment on my poetic imagery at such an early hour. I don't know why SOME PEOPLE do this; why throw socks and other bits of laundry on the floor in front of the washing machine? Put the damned things IN the washing machine. It's the same thing with the dishwasher; why stack plates, glasses etc, ON the work surface above the dishwasher? Put the damned things IN the dishwasher.
I'd forgotten this IRRITATING behaviour existed in the 21st century, until Beloved firstborn arrived back for the summer and the novelty had time to wear off. No shit, Sherlock!

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Anonymous said...

simply because there is who picks them up and do them for them . so why its weared ??!!