Saturday, August 25, 2007

An Early Morning Towards Summer's End

The birds woke me before six this morning. After the early morning ritual of making tea, I stood at the french windows in my jimmies, and watched the day start. After a few minutes I stepped out into the chilly air, and began my morning rounds. The lawns at the other parts of the gardens were heavily flecked with dew, my flipflops no protection for my feet or the bottom of my jimmies, which soon became wet. Best of all, the nasturtiums were covered with tiny dew droplets, just at that stage before the droplets start to run together and form tiny rivulets across the leaves. The leaves on the roses were all edged with droplets too. Summer's coming to an end, and this morning I got the first whiff of autumn on the air. Wonderful. I love the summer and the heat of the sun on my body, but autumn's still my favourite season.
And the crockery from yesterday's tea party with girlfriends. Colourful and lovely and light and wonderful.


Jan said...

Thank you. I really like this picture. It's nice to think this is in your kitchen.

Jan said...

Hi--I found a book about clotheslines and posted it on my blog today! You are one of the few people who might be interested!

Diva Carla said...

Amalee Issa, I found you via friend John Eaton. Scrolling through your beautiful posts, the word nasturtium jumped out at me, and I read your description of dew on the leaves. You may enjoy my photo of dew on the leaves and petals of nasturtiums in my garden on the coast of Maine.
Pleasure to meet you!