Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Five: Budweiser Ads

Inspired by Mr Anthrope's latest blog entry, I've been cruising YouTube for visual highlights of my formative years; that is, TV adverts. The UK is acknowledged by the marketing gurus to be the most sophisticated marketing audience on the planet. And if you've had the misfortune to watch telly anywhere else in the world, and caught their commercial breaks, you'll have watched some of the most banal drivel ever created. Except of course, the rash of Budweiser ads that came out of America in the nineties, and just one, I think, from the noughties. Oh man, these were brilliantly observed. Whoever came up with the "Real Men Of Genius" campaign, is a genius themselves. Here are my top five Budweiser adverts of all time.
1. Mr Really Bad Toupee Wearer makes me scream with laughter. "You think it looks natural, but it couldn't look phonier if it had a chin strap. Made from space-age fibre, it can repel anything; rain, wind, snow and especially young women."
2. Mr Pro-Wrestling Wardrobe Designer is outrageous. "While lesser designers would shy away from putting three hundred pound men in spandex, you embrace it."
3. Wassup. "Nothing. Watching the game, having a bud." This is how men communicate; they're not from Mars, but planet Budweiser.
4. The Budweiser Frogs Outwit The Lizards. "Frogs sell beer. Number one rule of advertising."

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