Saturday, September 15, 2007

Crouching Gardener, Hidden Spade

Rubus Tayberry, is a cross between the raspberry and blackberry. The fruit is dark red in colour and longer than a raspberry. Tayberries are juicier than raspberries, and ripen over a many weeks in July and August. They are best when allowed to fully ripen to a dark red colour before picking, rather like mulberries. Mine don't really last long enough on the canes to fully darken, as the resident blackbird population decimates it each year, invariably first thing in the morning just after the dawn chorus. I don't really mind, as I love the blackbirds. So does the cat that's just moved into the neighbourhood, judging by the bits of blackbird under the canes this morning. I shall sit here, silently, and wait.


Jan said...

I've never seen or heard of tayberries before. My mother grew raspberries in her backyard in WA State, and they were so luscious! Nice pictures.

Jan said...

Serendipity--together we are!

Katherine E. said...

Amalee Issa: Thanks for posting a comment on Jan's blog--it led me here to one of the most beautiful blogs I've encountered. On this Sunday morning--it's 6:15 am here--this Beauty was what I needed to behold before I go to "work." I'm a pastor. The beauty I've seen here has helped to open me God's love. I'll be a better pastor today because of your blog. Many thanks.