Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Five: Early Morning Alarm Calls

Each morning this week I was brought to consciousness by a blast of classic rock. As my alarm usually announces the start of my day with the Today Programme, I thought initially it had picked up interference from Planet Rock. Oh how wrong I was. Now, to fully appreciate the experience, you might want to turn your volume up to maximum; this is, after all, an early morning alarm call...

Let's be realistic, most normal people with half a brain cell would have worked out by Wednesday that something was up. Not me, as this next one came as a real surprise;

It was Thursday before I thought that something other than interference was responsible for my startled awakenings at 6.30am. That merci beaucoup enfant deux slept through the entire performance was nothing unusual, and she still had to be throttled awake at 6.40am.

This morning I had a relatively gentle awakening;

One minute into this most favourite of Jon Bon's music, Tico Torres was joined by Merci Beacoup Enfant Deux on her Ludwig 5-Piece in the music room. I staggered across the landing and opened the door, to see m.b.e.d. laughing her head off and shouting, "Morning mum."
Teenage girls.
Teenage girls with the patience and cunning to build a scenario over a week...

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Jan said...

You can make it all seem funny! I hung clothes outside today and thought of you. . . .funny. My husband talked of working on a house for Habitat for Humanity today in a poor part of town, where he saw women hanging out their clothes, too. Around here only poor women do that, except for middle class me.