Friday, June 13, 2008

Breathless, Of Derbyshire

Oh my God, Helen Yemm has mentioned my name. I can't believe it. All the years I've read her column and done exactly what she tells us to do (well, except the bit about not pruning when you're just bored and itching to "tidy up"), and there she goes, actually reading my comment on her blog... Go and read her divine exploration of Titania's Bank, from a Midsummer Night's Dream; rush out tomorrow morning and get the plants in and plant up your own garden in time for midsummer; rush out and buy the Telegraph. Just know that after reading Helen's column, you will never be quite the same again. Welcome to my dealer...
I may have to go and lie down on the sofa with a damp cloth on my forehead and wait until Gardener's World starts in ten minutes. Now if Jethro Gibbs turns to camera halfway through tonight's episode of NCIS and whispers my name, I may very well spontaneously combust.


helenyemm said...

Amalee you are completely daft. Seriously, I am glad you reminded me about Titania's Bank - I hardly ever look at my really old Thorny Problems Telegraph stuff - I don't remember being so whimsical!

emmat said...

No, I know exactly what you mean. Matthew Wilson came up to me at Chelsea totally out of the blue and said, "Emma, I'm going to have to kiss you, for writing nice things about me on the blogs." My ears nearly fell off. Maybe it was actually a dream.