Saturday, September 04, 2010

Autumn's On Its Way

I left the windows open overnight, and woke early to that familiar chill in the morning air; autumn's on its way. I hopped out of bed and opened the curtains to be greeted with the most heart-stoppingly beautiful scene. Early morning mist had settled across the valleys completely obscuring the fields and hedgerows. Only the taller trees, oaks, larches and horse chestnuts Belisha-beaconed their presence above the white blanket of beauty.
The sky is that endless clear blue you find on early mornings; only the vapour trails from aircraft still hanging about and high, high cirrus clouds.
And the chill; I wish I could describe for you the chill this morning. Now the fruits will start to ripen, apples will start to fall and the chutney season's about to start. I love autumn, and welcome the start of this day standing at my kitchen door, cup of tea in hand, thinking of you.

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